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Grip & Scale Never Fail.

The innovative tool to scale your fish.

Whether you run a fish market or are planning your next fishing trip, GloveScaler   needs a space in your kitchen.


Image by Cami Talpone
Image by Jakob Owens

How It Works


How it Works



Slide the gloves onto your hands.



Grab the fish and hold it in either hand or place it on a surface.



While gripping the fish, gently apply pressure as you begin scaling the fish with fingertips or palm in a scrubbing motion that is feasible for YOU!  

Say goodbye to:


Disposing of multiple pairs of rubber gloves daily.


Buying two different tools to get the job done.


Exposing your hands to the risk of contracting fish-handler’s disease.


Getting hand cramps from using a scaling tool.

Our Doctors
Man Fishing

Hear from those who've tried it

The GloveScaler  is an AMAZING product! Growing up on an island and knowing that scaling a fish was easily the most time-consuming part of cleaning a fish, I instantly recognized the benefit of the GloveScaler .

If you fish and eat your catch, you will love the time-saving benefit of this product. My wife and I watch as the fish scales literally fly off the fish, as the GloveScaler  does its work. GloveScaler  is beautifully designed and is very easy to use.

- Eddy B.





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